The Best Halloween Costumes for Couples

Halloween is one of the times of the year that everyone is looking forward to. Kids are waiting for the opportunity to put on their scary costumes and have some fun trick or treating, while teens and adults in general are dressing and having their own fun aswell. This type of celebration can be of great fun for you and your significant other, as you have many Halloween-themed costume options, especially suitable for couples, at your disposal.

The Costumes

1) One of these options is the expected Fifty Shades of Grey theme. Surely after making a big success on the theaters, a costume like that couldn’t be missing from such a list, and it’s pretty self explanatory without needing to go into full details about it. The man simply dresses like Christian Grey and the woman like Anastasia Steele, both being the main characters of the movie, and you are guaranteed to get some extra attention from the people around you.

2) Another good idea would be a Tetris costume. This may not be the most innovative costume of all, but hey who doesn’t love Tetris? You simply pick two shapes that fit together and you’re all set for your Halloween adventures!

3) If you were both fans of the movie Toy Story then you’d surely love the Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head costume. It’s inspired from a film that used to have and still has a lot of fans and you’d surely turn some heads around in this uniform.

4) Adding to all these themed uniforms mentioned, we should also make sure to add the Groot and Rocket costume from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. It really is a costumed made for couples and if you liked the famous movie, then you’ll surely like that idea.

5) What is more, if you’re more into TV series, then why not consider the Piper and Pornstache costume from the well-known TV set Orange Is The New Black? Any fans of this specific show will greatly appreciate this themed uniform you two are wearing.

To sum up, Halloween is the perfect time for people to do their best at impressing others and have some fun while doing it, and many are those who seek the best costume in order to do that. If you have a partner then you may be in luck, as there are plenty of themed Halloween costumes for couples that will surely provide them with the attention and the joy they’d like.